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The Show Which Actually Knows Modern Romance

The Show Which Actually Knows Modern Romance

Today unlike other rom-com reboots that prioritize feel-good nostalgia, Hulu’s High Fidelity takes the time to examine the messiness of dating.

Shirley Li 19, 2020 february

The last scene of Hulu’s tall Fidelity seems poised to play down a rom-com that is classic: The lonely record-store owner Robin, a.k.a. “Rob” (played by Zoë Kravitz), turns up during the apartment of her love interest, Clyde (Jake Lacy), who’s been avoiding her telephone calls since a falling-out a few episodes straight back. The inescapable appears to be coming: She’ll confess her emotions, he’ll accept them, and they’ll be together.

But none of this takes place. She does not propose a relationship—just a friendship. “Look, I’ve been determining plenty of material, we think,” she claims. “Stuff like just how to stop located in days gone by and exactly how to prevent shit that is taking awarded and folks for provided and just how to avoid being such an asshole. I became hoping you know, start fresh. we could just,” He turns her down, in the beginning, but fundamentally concedes there’s a chance that is slim could possibly be buddies once more. Continue reading “The Show Which Actually Knows Modern Romance”