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Gov. Tom Wolf and Pennsylvania’s top election official, Kathy Boockvar, said Election Day went “remarkably smoothly,” without many surprises. Final tweet to clarify that City Commissioners "expect" to provide another mail ballot count update between MIDNIGHT and 1AM. In some counties, the process won’t even begin until tomorrow. The county will give a daily update on the vote count starting Wednesday night, White said.

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So far, the county has scanned and uploaded 173,068 of the 348,485 mail ballots that have been returned, according to a 3 a.m. update provided by county Communications Director Amie Downs. Wheeler said there are also a few ballots that had nicks or tears that couldn’t be scanned on Tuesday.

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President Donald Trump vowed to challenge Pennsylvania’s election results in court on multiple fronts Wednesday, even as the commonwealth continued its painstaking process of tallying the vote. “Philadelphia’s City Commissioners, who oversee voting in the city, held off on setting a timetable when vote counting would be done in a news conference Wednesday. On Tuesday, Spotlight PA reporters fanned out across the state — from Butler County to Gettysburg to Wilkes-Barre — to send dispatches from polling places throughout the day. Sign up for our daily update—original reporting on state policy, plus the day’s five top reads from around the Web. Daily update — original reporting on state policy, plus the day’s five top reads from around the web. In some states that start the process early, election workers can open envelopes, check signatures and smooth out ballots for counting machines.

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That tally is expected to include all votes cast at precincts on Election Day, along with at least 80% of mail ballots. Scarnati and Corman were referencing actions by some counties to inform voters that their mail ballots were deficient in some way.

Trish Lindsay, vice-chair of the Butler County Republican Committee, said she had seen high turnout at polling places but was not aware of any major issues. Her main concern was confusion over what to do with mail ballots that voters bring with them to the polls, hoping instead to vote in person at their polling place. Long — but steadily moving — lines were the norm across Butler County, where average wait times were 50 minutes to an hour at the county’s 89 polling places. Closer to the front, Nancy Mensinger said she had taken a few hours off work to make sure she’d have time to vote. Mensinger, 71, said she had voted for Democratic candidates for most of her life, until around 2008 when she did not vote for Barack Obama. An Easton City Council member running for state representative, she was looking for voters who perhaps hadn’t decided on a candidate in down-ballot races. In Forks Township, Northampton County, a mother and daughter duo are running the show at two precincts inside a community center, and they said they hope to be home in bed by 11 p.m.

There is still time for military and overseas absentee ballots to arrive. The new mail-in voting process created complications at the polls, Wheeler said. Some voters requested a mail ballot, never received it, and had to cast a provisional ballot in-person. Others had received a mail-in ballot but chose to vote in-person. “The eyes of the country are on Pennsylvania, but Pennsylvania has kept eyes off the absentee ballot counting process all along, and that must stop today,” the campaign said in a statement.