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Double Door Midea Refrigerator

Double Door Midea Refrigerator
Double Door Midea Refrigerator
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Nice refrigerator, large volume. Uniform temperature distribution throughout the volume.
Well, this is not exactly a drawback, but it seems to me that it would not hurt to add one shelf. And most importantly, do not spare extra money and take it with a glass surface. I took the dyed one. The surface is very easy to damage.
After a standard refrigerator, it’s certainly super.
A slightly different modification came or something
The ice container is different, not very convenient, but otherwise all the rules
I dreamed of Side-by-Side for a long time, and now, after moving to a three-ruble note, the space allowed. We got a good discount, and my husband read about an inverter compressor from Midea, they say it will last for a long time with such. I like the design more, the user-friendly screen with accessible temperature control and a quick freeze function. A pleasant and comfortable design inside, and good lighting – the first refrigerator in which you can clearly see with lighting even at night. Well, surprisingly, the new refrigerator got rid of the factory smell in a day. Great fridge!
Impressive size and low power consumption. The size did not affect the volume of work in any way, the refrigerator is practically inaudible. The large distance between the shelves allows you to place tall dishes. The temperature in the chamber is evenly distributed, the products are equally well stored both on the upper and lower shelves, and do not freeze. Supercooling and superfreezing modes are activated on the outdoor display, it is also convenient to control the temperature there. The departments for preserving freshness pleased us with their work, not just fresh inscriptions, they really keep fruits and vegetables fresh for a long time.
The compressor is quiet, and it was surprising that there is only one for a 500-liter refrigerator, but it has been running like clockwork for over a year. The spaciousness is super, straight for lovers like us, to shop at once not a week, and sometimes more. There is a zone for fruits, greens, and meat, you can freeze a lot, minced meat, semi-finished products. The backlight is bright, but even when I decide to eat at night, it doesn’t hurt my eyes. The wife was worried about taking care of n \ w, but the door was not very brand.
Disadvantages: 1 – e, disgusting varnish on the doors, scratches remain very well, even from the fact that they do not leave scratches, 2 – e: ice in the freezer, this is generally a disappointment. On the site in the freezer, the icebox is like a shelf, but in fact it is small and awkward on the door, but even if you omit the aesthetic moment, it is absolutely impossible to use it. When you need to pour the ice cubes into the lower container, you need to press the lever-button on the side of the glacier, but it is so sharp at the edges that you need to contrive not to cut your hand, but when the cubes still end up in the lower container, get them from there. the quest, the container is made in such a way that it cannot be removed, but only tilts at an angle of 30-40 degrees (there are stoppers that prevent you from bending more) and only the child’s small hand will climb into this hole, you can try to catch 1-2 cubes at a time with a spoon
In principle, I liked the refrigerator, at a discount in general, beauty, ice and scratches upset a little, but everything can be completed. Remove scratches with car polish
I liked the refrigerator very much. Such a steel brutal master of the kitchen! Thanks to the wheels, we move around the apartment with one finger, (I did not immediately find my place). God willing, and it will work well!
I easily went through the 70cm opening – they unscrewed 2 plastic corners at the back.