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4 methods to conceive a child (or girl)!

4 methods to conceive a child (or girl)!

Certainly, research from Maastricht University when you look at the Netherlands additionally demonstrates that you’re almost certainly going to conceive a woman if for example the diet is high in magnesium and calciu — such as for example oranges, yoghurt, spinach, tofu, almonds, cashews, beans and broccoli.

Additionally, revolution “bye bye” to cured meats, salmon, potatoes and olives as you’ll want to lower your sodium and potassium consumption. Conversely, Terri Irwin, spouse of the late “Crocodile Hunter”, Steve Irwin, has raved concerning the success for the salt-and-potassium-rich diet she noticed in purchase to conceive her son, Bob.

“Excessive heating associated with the genitals is harmful to fertility generally speaking and since the Y semen isn’t as strong as the X semen, subjecting them to your sort of challenge is certainly not a beneficial concept.”

3. Body

A woman’s reproductive tract changes its pH — alternating between acidic and alkaline — environment. Continue reading “4 methods to conceive a child (or girl)!”