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Find money that is unclaimed

Find money that is unclaimed

There is certainly around $1.1 billion in missing shares, bank reports and life insurance coverage.

What exactly is money that is unclaimed?

Unclaimed cash is cash from lost bank records, stocks, opportunities and life insurance coverage policies. This cash becomes lost once you move home and forget to upgrade a financial institution to your details or business.

Unclaimed money gotten by ASIC is used in the Commonwealth of Australia Consolidated income Fund. It really is accessible to be reported whenever you want because of the rightful owner and there is absolutely no time period limit on claims.

Bank records become unclaimed after 7 years in the event that account is inactive (no deposits or withdrawals). Life insurance coverage policies become unclaimed 7 years following the policy matures and it is maybe perhaps maybe not reported.

Learn more about unclaimed cash laws and regulations from the ASIC internet site.

Interest paid on unclaimed cash

Interest is compensated on unclaimed cash, determined from 1 July 2013. Discover more about just just exactly how interest is compensated.

How exactly to claim your lost cash

In the event that you did an unclaimed money search and discovered some cash, you ought to lodge a claim. Claim details are below for different sorts of missing cash:

Did not find any lost money?

You are able to seek out other kinds of unclaimed cash on other federal federal government internet sites: